My goal is to always show space in its best possible light

Flash is used to add crispness to an image and to define colors. Multiple photos, at various exposure settings, are taken of each scene. Parts of each photo are then hand blended together to produce a well-balanced image.

All delivered photos are .jpeg files. 

Licensed uses are: 

Architectural or Commercial

  • Depending on use, other Licensing Fees may apply. Contact me for more information, click HERE

HIS MLS (Big Island)

  • HIS MLS compliant 1200 x 800 72 dpi photos.
  • 3 meg photos for your personal website or flyer use
  • Simple Slide show tour included with each order:
  1. Sample Branded HERE
  2. Sample Unbranded HERE
  • Branded or Unbranded Video for an additional fee of $60.00
  1. Sample of  Branded Video HERE. Note: You are responsible for uploading the video to your own Youtube account or Web page.

Vacation Rental website use

  • Personal or Property management use

Drone still photos

  • HIS MLS/Vacation Rental use

Pricing click HERE