Pricing is for properties located within a 30-mile drive from the Waikoloa Beach area.

I charge a set rate for finished photos. This eliminates the need to base pricing on sqft., number of bedrooms or if you have a condo or home.

$250 for 10 photos
$300 for 15 photos
$350 for 20 photos

Additional photos are $15 each

On average, a 20 image session can take about 2 to 2.5 hours to photograph. AM sessions start between 8 - 9 am. Afternoon appointments start no later than 1pm.

For Home Twilight or evening photos see Other Options.

Delivery from the session date, is 3 days.

Media Delivered:

HI MLS use 1200 x 800, .jpg photos
Vacation rental  use (VRBO/HomeAway/Airbnb,etc.) 3800 x 2100, .jpg photos

Other Options:

Home Twilight - 2 photos, $250
Drone Still Photo (done at the time of still photos), 2 photos, $75. Additional photos are $15 each
Drone Still Photos, as a stand alone job - 5 photos, $250. Additional photos are $15 each
360 Virtual Tour - 3 scenes (Virtual Tours) $200. This includes hosting for1 year. Additional scenes are $25 each
Branded or Unbranded Video, of Still Photos. You will be provided with a .mp3 file that you can upload to your YouTube/other video hosting account.  $60

Architectural, Designer or Commercial:

Photos produced are generally used for brochures, magazines or as a primary website photo. I work with you, your designer or builder to showcase key design elements.

Pricing is based on a half or full day rates, number of photos required and usage of the photo(s). 

Request a quote here or give me a call at 808-329-3180

For all orders, a formal quote/contract will be sent for your review and signature