Matterport Tour Prep 

This guide covers what you should do prior to my arrival in order to get the best results for your Matterport Tour.

When I arrive I will turn on all of the lights and will keep all fans off. I may have to close doors leading to the outside, close shades/curtains in order to get a proper scan.

The Matterport 360 Tour captures everything. Make sure the interior space is clean and neat. I do not typically scan garages so no need to prep that area.

Here is a check list of common items that should be removed/completed:

  1. Personal items you do not want seen by the public - Photos in particular

  2. Shoes

  3. Valuables

  4. Pet items

  5. Garbage baskets

  6. If you have a large walk in closet please make sure clothing is organized

  7. Items in the Shower and Sink areas

  8. Put down toilet seats