Matterport Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D virtual tours create an immersive 3D tour of your property.

Best for:

  1. Connecting interior rooms/areas to give the user a Virtual Tour of the property.

  2. Large venues

  3. Floor plan generation with measurements

Not suited for:

  1. Outdoor use. Matterport’s are based around laser technology and they cannot generally be used in bright UV Light.

  2. High quality image generation. Although, the over all imagery of the tours is quite good, if you need a room/area to really stand out, then a Panoramic 360 Tour (see next section) would be the better option as I can better edit the final image(s)

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360 Panoramic Tours

Unlike a Matterport Tour, which allows users to "Virtually" walk through a property by the continues use of mouse clicks, 360 Tours use panoramic scenes. You move from scene to scene by clicking Thumbnail Images. See sample below.

Advantages of using a 360 Panoramic Tour:

  1. Outdoor spaces

  2. Better final image quality as I can edit each pano

  3. Show specific, key areas within a property vs having a user make multiple mouse clicks to get to a certain location

Not suited for:

  1. Connecting rooms/areas

  2. Floor plan generation. These type of tours do not generally involve measurement capabilities

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360 Icon.png

Vacation Rental

This demo tour will open up a new tab in your browser. This tour also has a Matterport Tour.

There is a Return to Big Island 360 Media button. This button/link would be set up to return the user to your VRBO/Airbnb/Rental or Agent website.

We host the tour and your are provided a URL link to place within your property description. All tours are Unbranded so there is no contact information provided on the tour.